Let go of limiting beliefs that hold you back and step confidently into your true potential


Are you a Sensitive Introvert, who's ready to THRIVE?

Welcome to the only coaching program created specifically for Sensitive Introverts that addresses the unique needs of this temperament

Do you wonder how and why others seem to handle things with such ease?

Would you like to live your true purpose and not worry about how it's perceived? 

Are you open to taking the time for yourself to create a mindset that is calm, clear, and confident, let go of any limiting beliefs, and move forward?

In this nine-month program you'll address the things that hold you back and create a life you truly love.

You'll learn how to deal with reactions that don't serve you and create new neural pathways that offer support. You'll learn tools, mindset shifts, and step-by-step actions through the unique three-layer cake format of this program: private coaching, self-study program, and community calls. 

You'll open the door to step more fully into your authentic self, learn to listen to your inner wisdom, develop a deep sense of worthiness, and raise your confidence in communicating your thoughts.

You'll gain clarity on your true purpose, develop a unique blueprint for your self-care needs, and grow a loving support network of like-minded women who understand you.

What is a Sensitive Introvert?

A note from Coach Mary Upham

There is a very special type of woman in the world who I call the Sensitive Introvert. Labels can be confusing, and we don't all have the same definitions for these concepts, so let me tell you a little about the women this program is designed for.

Are YOU a Sensitive Introvert? Women who are SIs have many of these characteristics.


+ get stressed when too many things are demanded of us at once
+ get tired out by social interaction, especially small talk
+ are sensitive to loud noises, smells, lights, large groups of people
+ hold tension in their bodies and benefit from bodywork like massage and acupuncture
+ need significant time alone to replenish their energy

+ are quiet, reflective, big thinkers
+ are extremely observant of their surroundings, other people, and their reactions
+ have complex inner lives, strong imaginations, and creative desires
+ are extremely eloquent in their heads, but often struggle to find the right words in person
+ experience self-doubt, low energy, and sometimes even paralyzation around taking action
+ are easily overwhelmed and/or overstimulated by their environment or what's going on around them
+ feel something is wrong with them because life seems to be much more challenging than it is for others
+ grapple with fear/anxiety/worry in daily life
+ run situations over and over in their minds; can be immobilized by overthinking
+ try hard not to ever make a mistake; or don't do anything for fear of making an error
+ process loads of sensory and emotional information and take it in deeply

+ feel guilty for being depleted easily and needing to nourish themselves differently
+ take responsibility for how others are feeling
+ strongly prefer things to be harmonious and peaceful
+ hold incredibly high standards for themselves and find it unthinkable not to meet those expectations

Here's the conclusion I've come to. It's time for Sensitive Introverts to stop feeling isolated, wrong, and inadequate. It's time for us to come together and support each other, to share the things that work for Sensitive Introverts, and to set ourselves and our lives up for success. It's time for us to get beyond the daily struggles that hold us back, be confident and balanced, know what nourishes us and drains us, learn how to manage our energy, set healthy boundaries, and understand ourselves and our limits, so we can share the amazing gifts we bring. It's time.

This is why I've created a coaching program specifically to heal the pieces that have been wounded by being different and to grow the skills and mindset needed to reach our full potential. I hope you'll join me.


What does the program look like?

It looks like a three-layer cake! 

Starting at the bottom, the solid foundation of the program is Private 1:1 Coaching.

The just-right middle layer is the Self-Study Curriculum.

And the smallest layer on top is the monthly Community Connection Call.

Those chocolate shavings are some yummy extras like my Create Your Self-Care Revolution Workbook!


Each month you will have two private one-hour coaching sessions via phone with Certified Coach Mary Upham, focusing on what is most important for your personal growth, life, and goals. Schedule through Mary's private calendar and choose times that work for you.


Access the self-study program when it's convenient for you and work at your own pace. The curriculum is carefully designed to provide the foundational concepts for transforming your life, skills, and comfort level so you can increase your enjoyment of life as a Sensitive Introvert.

Connection Call

Get to know a cohort of supportive women on a similar journey. Connect through one-hour live monthly community calls facilitated by Mary and through the private Facebook Group. Calls will be recorded and available to you in case you miss them or want to listen again. 

About Mary Upham, Coach and CEO of Positive Path Coaching


Mary Upham is a Women's Empowerment Coach, as well as a compassionate guide, mentor, and teacher. She's proud to be a Sensitive Introvert—even with its challenges.

Her passion is to improve the world by helping women to create lives they love so they can do the innovative work they are called to, ultimately shifting the planet in positive ways.

She holds a Masters in Education, is a experienced Certified Coach, and has been active in the personal growth movement for over a decade.

What will I receive in the Welcome Home to Your Self Coaching Program?

+ 2 one-hour private coaching sessions monthly with Mary for a total of 18 hours of 1:1 support via phone. Schedule these through Mary's online calendar so the timing works for you.

+ Spot coaching as needed. If you have something big come up or need support to make a decision in between sessions, get in touch and Mary will fit in a timely 10-15 minute call to provide the extra support you need.

+ Self-study course with nine modules of carefully designed teaching videos, as well as readings, handouts, exercises, and journal prompts intended to meet the needs of different learning styles. Access the curriculum when it works for your schedule and move at your own pace.  

+ Community Connection Call each month to build relationships with other like-minded women and support our small group culture. (The group is limited to 12 women max.) Calls are scheduled for the third Wednesday of the month, from 4-5PM Central. Recordings will be available within 48 hours of the call in case you cannot be on live.

+ Membership in our private Facebook Group to connect with other participants, ask questions, receive support and encouragement, and commune with SIs in a comfortable, confidential format.

+ Create Your Self-Care Revolution Workbook for you to print and use to build a unique recipe for nourishment that meets your particular needs.

Total program fee: $4950.

This is divided into nine monthly payments of $550.

All payments are made via credit or debit card and will be set up for automatic withdrawal.

What are others saying?

"From our first call I felt heard and that Mary could relate to and help name my struggle. She helped me outline what I wanted to accomplish in our time together and offered practical tools and insights from her own inner wisdom.
She has a loving presence which made me feel safe to open up. She asked insightful questions that helped me reflect on what I was really thinking and feeling, and how I could guide my own path. Most importantly I was left with a feeling that I can always ultimately trust my intuition!"

Laila Al-Marashi

"This class came at the perfect time for me. I learned how important it is to take care of myself and set priorities as I create my ideal life. Now I feel more confident that I will spend my time on things that really matter to me. Mary offered wonderful insights, activities, and resources to keep the discussions and homework interesting and relevant. I would highly recommend working with Mary. ​​"

Kate Buckmeier

"It was delightful to work with Mary. Her optimistic and realistic perspective helped me to set reasonable goals for refining my business around my life's passion, and then break the goals into smaller steps that I could attain. She assisted me in defining what I want from my work life, as well as supporting what I need for self-care, keeping in mind that I need to balance it with family and other obligations. Mary is compassionate and understanding. She provided a clear mirror for what is most important to me. I highly recommend her coaching services."

Gracia Gimse McKinley

What is possible for me?

In the program you will:

+ step more fully into your authentic self

+ grow a support system that you are comfortable reaching out to

+ develop a sense of deep worthiness and love

+ gain clarity on your true purpose in this lifetime

+ align your everyday actions and life values

+ let go of limiting beliefs that have held you back

+ find out how to manage your energy and create healthy boundaries

+ learn tools to curb overthinking and anxiety

+ trust your inner wisdom and use your intuition

+ create a life that supports your temperament

+ focus on whatever is front and center for YOU


Who is this program for?

This is for you if:

+ you've long suspected that life could be better if only you could figure out the magic access code

+ you strongly desire a life that works for you and your temperament without sacrificing your relationships, work, and community

+ you're tired of using your energy for overthinking and worrying and are ready to let go of old patterns

+ you are ready to invest in being the best version of yourself

+ you like to be guided by a mentor AND work on your own

This is NOT for you if:

+ you are not ready to move forward

+ you're waiting for a fairy godmother to wave her wand and fix things

+ you can't imagine spending time, energy, and money on yourself

+ you're already living your ideal life and it couldn't possibly get any better

Why does this program look different from others?


The design takes into account research on introverts, highly sensitive people, neuroplasticity, as well as what has worked best for private clients.

SIs like private conversations and crave connection with compatible souls—in small numbers. Most of us love to learn and, after reflecting, enjoy deep conversations about our new knowledge.

The program is built with all this in mind. It's a complete flip from most coaching programs—designed for extroverts with participants numbering in the thousands!

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome Home to Your Self runs from September 2018 - May 2019. Each month you receive two one-hour private coaching sessions which you schedule on Mary's private calendar. There is a one-hour live Community Connection Call on the third Wednesday of each month from 4-5:00PM Central. If you cannot be on the call at the scheduled time you may listen to the recording when it's posted in the program portal. You may access the self-study portion of the curriculum at your convenience.

Each month you will have two one-hour sessions and a one-hour Community Connection Call. Beyond that, you will need to determine for yourself how much time you want to spend. In each of the nine modules there are suggested readings, exercises, and reflections. Personal growth takes time and you may find that there are things you want to reflect or journal on. I also encourage you to connect with one of the other participants to process and support one another 1-2 times a month. All together you may spend 5-8 hours a month on the program, but it's up to you how deeply you engage. You could spend more or less depending on your processing style and needs.

Each module will have something of interest to you. There are readings you can access from the portal, as well as suggested books if you wish to go deeper. There are teaching videos, handouts, activities, and journal prompts. You may utilize as much as appeals to you, but you don't need to do everything every month to experience the benefits. Decide what is most important for you and what works best for your learning style and select that!

Module 1: Sense of Self
Module 2: Self-Care
Module 3: Sensitivity
Module 4: Anxiety/Fear/Worry
Module 5: Communication
Module 6: Relationships
Module 7: Brain and Mindset
Module 8: Overthinking and Decisions
Module 9: Support System

As long as you engage with the private coaching and the self-study curriculum you will see changes. To refresh an old adage, one can lead you to a well of rich self-reflection, tools, ideas, and shifts, but if you choose not to drink from the well, you will still be thirsty. This is a co-creative process. Mary brings 100% of herself to the guidance and facilitation of both the private and group portions of the program. How you choose to approach the program will determine how well it works for you.

Chances are you will not. If you have a tendency toward anxiety and overthinking that is likely how you are wired and it's unlikely to disappear. What you will gain is an understanding of why this happens and a toolbox of skills for addressing these tendencies. Learning these techniques will allow you to be aware of what triggers you and what to do to reduce the impact. You may get to a place where you can go many days without feeling anxiety, worry, fear, or getting caught up in overthinking by creating new neural pathways. However, this is not psychiatric or psychological support, so if you have additional concerns on mental health issues you should see a professional.

Your habits and reactions have had a long time to get established. In layperson's neuroscience terms, your longterm thought patterns have worn ruts in the paths of your mind. When you want to establish a new habit it takes time and effort to wear a new groove into the ground. Often your thoughts will try to go back to the old pathway and you'll need to reroute them quite a few times until the "new" groove is the one you take automatically. This takes time.

You may know your true calling or you may just be closer. What you will gain is clarity on your authentic self, what brings you joy, where you want to focus your energy, and what kind of impact you want to make in the world. This is meaningful work and when you begin to truly listen to the small, clear voice within—without worrying what others think—you'll start to hear the whispers of your wise self guiding you to your true purpose.

The intention of the program is that if you are open to connecting with other like-minded souls, then yes, you will find support and friendship. You will receive suggestions for how to successfully make a private connection with a soul sister or two. This can happen—even for a group of Sensitive Introverts! The live Community Connection Calls each month will be a good way to meet the other women, to see each other if you choose to use the video option, and to hear others' comments. The fact that each of you are here for similar reasons is an amazing foundation for friendship. The Interest List currently includes women from Massachusetts and North Carolina to Washington and California (though many are from Mary's home state of Minnesota!) so your soul sister may be near or far!

What if I'm still not sure?

This is normal—especially for SIs. We don't want to make mistakes or false moves and so sometimes we choose to do nothing—and then we miss out on important opportunities. 

This is all about changing those reactions up though and taking a stand for yourself! 

Let's get you scheduled for a phone conversation. In order to get what you want out of the program we need to discern if this is a great match for you.

As an experienced coach, Mary can walk you through some questions that will help you determine if this is the right timing and right program for you—so you don't have to overthink this. You are highly encouraged to schedule time with Mary.

Begin to Create Your Ideal Life Today

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The opportunity is right here, right now...
You just need to take it.

From the poem A Morning Offering by John Donahue

May I have the courage today
To live the life that I would love,
To postpone my dream no longer,
But do at last what I came here for
And waste my heart on fear no more.



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