Master tools to reduce anxiety,
make decisions without overthinking,
and increase ease, joy, and energy.


Are you ready to THRIVE?

Welcome to the only coaching program created specifically for women who are highly sensitive, introverts, and/or empaths

Would you like to handle things with more ease?

Live your true purpose and not worry about how it's perceived? 

Create a mindset that is peaceful and positive?

In this nine-week program you'll learn the skills to bring lightness, ease, and confidence into your daily life.


What results can you anticipate?

  • Reduce or eliminate anxiety, fear, and worry
  • Make life choices that are right for you without overthinking and stress
  • Learn the #1 best response to strengthen relationships AND set boundaries
  • Master the best, scientifically-proven tool for creating positive habits
  • Create a self-care recipe that’s just right for you, supports your temperament, and improves your energy level
  • Gain simple, concrete tools to increase daily ease and joy
  • Treat your sensitive neurological system as your ally and superpower, not your enemy

What are others saying?

"Mary has a loving presence which made me feel safe to open up. She asked insightful questions that helped me reflect on what I was really thinking and feeling, and how I could guide my own path."

Laila Al-Marashi

"I learned how important it is to take care of myself and set priorities as I create my ideal life. Now I feel more confident that I will spend my time on things that really matter to me."

Kate Buckmeier

"Mary's optimistic and realistic perspective helped me to set reasonable goals for refining my life's passion, and then break the goals into smaller steps that I could attain."

Gracia Gimse McKinley

What will you receive?

+ a 9-week coaching engagement, June 10-August 9, 2019.

+ 3 one-hour private coaching sessions with Mary. You'll have access to her private calendar to schedule times that work for you.

+ Self-study course with nine modules of carefully designed teaching videos, as well as readings, handouts, exercises, and journal prompts intended to meet the needs of different learning styles. Access the curriculum when it works for your schedule and move at your own pace.  

+ 2 one-hour Community Connection Calls to experience the power of healing in relationship, ask questions, dive deep, and relish being with others who get you. Calls will be recorded.

Don't Feed the Monkey Mind: How to Stop the Cycle of Anxiety, Fear, and Worry book by Jennifer Shannon sent via US mail.

+ Create Your Self-Care Revolution Workbook for you to download and print.


What does the program look like?


You'll receive three private one-hour coaching sessions via phone with Certified Coach Mary Upham. Schedule through Mary's private calendar and choose times that work for you.


Access the program when it's convenient and work at your own pace. The curriculum is carefully designed to provide the concepts for transformation through videos, readings, and exercises.

Connection Call

Get to know others on a similar journey. Connect via two one-hour live community calls facilitated by Mary. Calls will be recorded. 

Make one payment or break it into three. There is no price increase for multiple payments.



3 Hours of Private Coaching

2 Community Connection Calls

9 Module Self-Study Curriculum

Don't Feed the Monkey Mind book

Create Your Self-Care Revolution workbook




3 Hours of Private Coaching

2 Community Connection Calls

9 Module Self-Study Curriculum

Don't Feed the Monkey Mind book

Create Your Self-Care Revolution workbook


About Mary Upham Coaching


Mary Upham is a women's empowerment coach and intuitive guide for women who want to make a difference in the world.

Her passion is to help women to create lives they love so they can do the innovative work they're called to, ultimately shifting the world in positive ways.

She holds a Masters in Education, is an experienced certified coach, and has been active in the personal growth movement for over a decade.

Get the skills and outlook you need for the life you long to have

The opportunity for change is right here, right now...
You just need to take it.


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